Honiton Town Youth Football Club
Honiton Town Youth Football Club

New goals for the new season

16 July 2018

I have some exciting news about a decision to buy several sets of new goalposts, hopefully in time for the beginning of the new season.

As someone who has been associated with the club for over 15 years, I am much familiar with the early saturday morning pre match preparation that is required to enable the young players to enjoy their games.  Long before the first players arrive at St Rita's the coach (and any willing volunteers) have  already spent the best part of 90 minutes setting the pitches up for the mornings game.  In addition to the line marking, corner flags and respect ropes that need to be done, there is one job that all coaches despise more than any, the 34 piece jigsaw that is commonly known at a 7v7 Samba Goal. 

As someone who has put together one of these goals over a hundred times, you would think that I would be able to take this in my stride.  It's true that I look at new coaches or volunteers with a smile on my face when I see them staring vacantly at a bag full of plastic bits but even for a veteran like myself, it is still one of the most daunting tasks for a saturday morning.

It is true that every 7v7 goal should have 34 pieces (or 38 pieces for a 9v9 goal) but often this is not the number of pieces in the bag retrieved from the shed.  Often the faithless have raided pieces from other bags in the vain hope than more pieces will make the job easier, or the bag has been thrown back into the shed spilling the contents across the shed floor.  One thing for certain, the right number of pieces are rarely in the bag despite the monthly activity we conduct to reset the bags to the correct contents.

Winter introduces a new challenge of putting the goals together with frozen hands, and I'm sorry to say that things don't get easier when you progress to 11 a side goals which bring a whole load of new challenges.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I can announce that the Trustees of the club have agreed to fund the replacement of all sets of goals with brand new aluminium portable goals.  These goals (similar to those that you see on astro pitches) will be a great addition to the club and will make pre game setup so much simpler for us all.  This in turn should allow the coach to prepare for the games free from the frustration caused from the goal assembly fiasco.

This is a significant investment for the club costing over £4000 but hopefully with care these goalposts will last us for many years.  We are hopeful to receive help with these costs through grant applications that have been made to a number of sources.

For those who have never had the pleasure of putting together a Samba goal and don't know what all the fuss is about, please feel free to help out at the next tournament.